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Description: When Ameerah Monkey wants to cross the river, she hatches a plot to trick crocodile into helping her. But how will she escape being his next meal? And will Crocodile ever get his pot of Monkey Tail Soup? This traditional African-Caribbean tale is retold with a twist by storyteller, poet and anthologist Andrew Fusek Peters. Amanda Montgomery-Higham's illustrations perfectly capture the humour and vitality of this tale.
Mischievous Ameerah Monkey wants to cross the river but is scared of the water. She tricks her deadly enemy, Crocodile, into helping her reach the other side by promising to give him some monkey tails and money. During the journey Crocodile fantasises about how he will spend the money and Ameerah Monkey wonders how she will escape being Crocodiles next meal.
This enchanting re-telling of an Afro-Caribbean tale is ideal for storytime. The lively illustrations capture the energy of the story and young children will be beside themselves if Ameerah Monkey manages to cross the river safely!
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