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Learn all about the amazing world of sharks, and follow their lives from pup to adult.


Did you know that there are over 360 different species of shark?

That shark pups are able to look after themselves as soon as they are born?

That sharks will sink if they stop swimming?

Or that the great white shark has 3000 teeth?


Discover many little-known facts about sharks in this fascinating book and impress your friends with your incredible knowledge!

Each title in this appealing series takes an up-close look at a different creature, exploring habitat, conservation and animal adaptation, as well as looking at the life cycle of the particular animal and the way the young survive – often against tremendous odds.

This series also discusses the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats.

‘Excellent photography… Just the right amount of information... These books are part of an extensive series which give children a perfect introduction to a wide range of animals.’

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The shark 
Shark types 
Where do you find sharks? 
Beginning life
Growing up 
Shark teeth 
Plankton eaters 
Shark senses 
Sharks and people 
Sharks under threat 
Life cycle 


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payment methods accepted

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