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How do I know what I'm buying?
So, we source children's books from suppliers who specialise in saving books from needless destruction. We also source them from new-book suppliers. This means we can carry a fantastic range of great value kids books all the time. But, how do you know what you'll be getting when you buy from our site?

Firstly, all product pages will clearly show you the condition of the book that you are looking at. If the book is available in more than one condition, (i.e. we may have a used copy and a brand new copy of the same book), you will see a list from which you can choose. The versions available are described in detail if you hovver on the small information icon next to each version in the list, but for clarity, here is the complete list:

New, from supplierBrand New, not in stock but ordered direct from our wholesaler who will ship to you direct for a faster delivery.10%
New, in stockBrand New, condition is straight from the shelf, as you would expect from any high street book store.10%
New, ex-displayNew, not previously owned, condition will generally be excellent but may show signs of being in the shop and therefore may of been handled by customers. May also of been part of a set that has now become separated. Book must still be in excellent condition to be in this category.25%
Used, Grade AUsed and previously owned but nevertheless in excellent condition with nothing more than the odd mark here or there. In many cases, customers are often reporting they struggle to see the difference between this and a Brand New book. We could pass them off as ex-display but we are honest here and so we created this category. May also of been part of a set that is now being sold separately.45%
Used, Grade BUsed and previously owned. These books will show signs of having been loved in a previous home but rest-assured this will be limited to some possible softening of the corners, maybe a few surface indentations. There should be no visible markings from ink and no pages will be damaged any more than the odd crease. May also of been part of a set that is now being sold separately.50%
Used, Grade CUsed and previously owned. These books may show a number of signs of enthusiastic previous ownership, such as spines with crease lines, some general visible signs of grubbiness, scuffing and whitening of corners, and/or some creased pages. There may also be some ink marks on pages. May also of been part of a set that is now being sold separately.80%

By using these guidelines you will be able to judge what to expect from the condition of the book when it arrives. Please be aware that we spend a lot of time manually checking and categorising our stock when it arrives and anything that falls below the Grade C condition will be donated directly to one of our charities and not sold on this site.

If you have any other concerns please don't hesitate to contact us before you purchase. Refunds are available on Used books but please be aware that postage will not be refunded and any returns must be done at your own expense. Therefore please make sure you understand the ratings of these books before buying any Used products.

Having said all that, (because we have to), it's worth mentioning that all our books will be perfectly useable, will always be complete, will never be sold with any general damage such as water etc and will never have any clues to their previous use other than those listed above. We have standards to uphold you know :)  

payment methods accepted

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