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So here's the problem

It occured to us, back in 2011, that although the internet is awash with book merchants of all shapes and sizes, there are very few that are dedicated to kid's books. Children's books are a strange bag really... half the time as a parent, you haven't got the faintest idea what constitutes a good children's book, so you end up pushing your child into shopping malls, into lifts and up to a, more often than not, cramped space at the back of the fifth floor where you're greeted by the faint aroma of old banana skins and a bean bag that has been in more tussels than a Bengal Tiger.

And then begins the thankless task of choosing a book for our little loved ones... "Nooo", "Nooo", rings the chime of the bored child and before you know it they need the loo and so you have to hurriedly put the books back and start the descent back down to the Ground Floor, (because obviously it makes sense to put the children's books as far away from the customer toilets as possible).

And so, you go home bookless, bedtime comes round and once again you sit down to read the same tiresome children's bedtime story for what feels like the millionth time. Awesome.

Our solution
After much research we managed to form some alliances with some amazing book suppliers. What they do, is they focus on being ethical, (green if you will), with their book selection. Don't worry, this doesn't mean they only supply books about hugging trees, (not that there's anything wrong with hugging a tree, just make sure you ask if it wants a hug first!), what it means is that they have made it their mission in life to source in bulk, books that have been otherwise ear-marked to be destroyed.

Crazy though it may seem, when publishers run out of space or a book merchant goes out of business or one of many other situations occur that means a large stock of books is unwanted, they either get recycled or they simply end up in a storage container somewhere and forgotten about.

So, the suppliers we have teamed up with specialise in sourcing these books, 'before' they become lost or destroyed and this, in turn, is enabling us to pass on amazing savings to parents and young book lovers.

We check the quality and condition of 'every single book' as it comes into our possession and is added to our stock and we grade it accordingly. The price will always reflect this and you will see clearly on every item in our store that the savings are enormous. Our mission is to continually grow our catalog of great value books for children to ensure that every visit to our store is different from the last. We don't know what we'll be receiving until it arrives but within a few hours of it being unpacked it will be listed on our site and ready to go to a new loving home... where it will no doubt be requested far too many times for your liking! :) We can't solve everything, but at least at these prices you can buy more books and add some variety at bedtime...

payment methods accepted

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