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Free books - whatever next?
To celebrate the launch of our new website, we've decided to go crazy and start giving stuff away! So, if you order 5 books or more between now and the end of August, we'll throw in a free book. And if you feel like going crazy yourself, then order 8 books or more and we'll throw in 2 free books. Couldn't be simpler!

We can't guarantee you'll love the freebies, as they'll be chosen at random by the person who packs your order, - they may be used or they may be new -, but hey, it's free right? So if you or your little tike don't like it, you can give it away as a present to some other unsuspecting little monster! :)

The (not so) small print, (to protect ourselves from unreasonable people): This is a giveaway offer ok? The books are free. There are no returns or refunds applicable to these free books. It's a bit of fun, that's all. Some people will get a lovely surprise when they see what they've been given, others... hmm, not so much. Someone important once said "You can please some of the people, all of the time... You can please all of the people, some of the time... But never all of the people, all of the time". So, in other words, if you don't like the book that you didn't pay for, then do us and yourselves a favour and either give it to a friend that might, or drop it into your local charity shop... because one thing in life is certain; there's a 'someone' for every book! :)

payment methods accepted

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